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All tanks come supplied with the fittings included in the price. You get stainless steel inlet & overflow filters, a 25mm outlet pipe and a quality tap. With a 22500 litre tank you can have a 32mm outlet and tap at no extra cost.

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We offer eight sizes in round moulded polyethylene tanks with a choice of eight standard colours – Beige, Marino Beige, Smooth Cream, Wheat, Heritage Red, Mist Green, Rivergum, Dark Green and Torres Blue. Sixteen other designer colours can be provided with two weeks notice. We can also mix a special colour to match your home at a small extra cost.

500 Litre (110 gallons)

Tank Dimensions : 1890H x 639D
SKU/Item Number: TPR500

1000Litre (220 gallons)

Tank Dimensions : 1515H x 1000D
SKU/Item Number: TPR1000

2,000 Litre (440 gallons)

Tank Dimensions : 2020H x 1200D
SKU/Item Number: TPR2000

3,300 Litre (725 gallons)

Tank Dimensions : 2130H x 1560D
SKU/Item Number: TPR3300

5,500 Litre (1,210 gallons)

Tank Dimensions : 2130H x 1995D
SKU/Item Number: TPR5500

10,000 Litre (2,200 gallons)

Tank Dimensions : 2150H x 2700D
SKU/Item Number: TPR10000

22,500 Litre (4,950 gallons)

Tank Dimensions : 2600H x 3600D
SKU/Item Number: TPR22500

Rain Saver Special

5,500 litre tank, pump and fittings only $1175! incl GST. And, if you buy your tanks from us, our super “factory to you” pricing means it will cost you much less than you thought.